Baby Room (0-2 Years)

The day nursery’s baby room provides childcare for new-borns as they develop into toddlers ,up to two years. Creating an environment that allows for plenty of visual and auditory stimulation is essential at this stage of a child’s development.  The surroundings are bright with changing displays and a wealth of resources at hand to allow very young children to explore through sight and sound, including toys, books, art materials and musical instruments.

Equally important is quiet and rest, so there is a dedicated area for sleep and quality time with their nursery nurse, who will supply plenty of cuddles. The nursery nurse assigned to your child will be their constant point of contact so that they receive consistent care and you are safe in the knowledge that your child is understood and that their individual needs are being met.

Making your child feel valued is central to our ethos. Prior to enrolment we will provide opportunities for you to have several visits for a settling in period, so that the environment is familiar before they start properly.

Toddler Room (2-3 Years)


As your child’s development starts to accelerate from two years.

They will graduate from the baby room into more structured learning area to allow for increased mobility, developing communication and inquisition.

Children of this age are becoming curious about the world around them and the people in it.

They will test their boundaries and develop their personalities from being babies to little independents.

Because of the energy this age group have they will spend as much time as possible outdoors so that they get plenty of physical exercise.


Pre-school (3-5 Years)


Graduating from a toddler to an infant is another large milestone for your child.  In order to prepare them for their impending move to mainstream education, the room for three to five year olds is more orderly, with a routine similar to the school day that delivers a preschool learning curriculum.

This fosters further independence and allows for more tailored teaching to meet individual learning needs.  Having this support allows children to appreciate their independence and build their confidence to make the move to school more natural.

Again they will be assigned one key person who will encourage them to develop a wider range of skills in a fun, warm and enjoyable setting still focusing around play.

Our outdoor facilities will still be a key part of their education because of they can also study nature, science, history and the environment whilst refining their motor skills.