How was Little Dots Daycare North Leigh Born?

We are Lynsey Morris and Clair Way, sisters who are both extremely passionate about how important the early years are in childhood development. We know that offering an education that is both structured and fun, results in children becoming confident, happy and inquisitive individuals by the time they are ready for school. This is the reason we founded Little Dots Daycare, a nursery & pre-school education establishment based in Witney, Oxfordshire in 2012.

In 2018 we were given the opportunity to expand Little Dots Daycare by taking on a new Nursery setting in North Leigh.

Little Dots Daycare North Leigh is located in the most beautiful and tranquil setting of the Eynsham Park Estate, which is 5 miles away from the original Witney nursery.

Children attending Little Dots North Leigh will be surrounded by plants and animals, making them more aware of the changing seasons, parents too, because approaching the nursery down the sweeping drive, you are greeted by beautiful views, sheep grazing, squirrels foraging, rabbits gambolling and lots of pheasants!

The brooding Eynsham Hall is nearby, which is rich in the history of mining and architecture and lends another dimension to teaching the Early Years curriculum.

With grounds worthy of any children’s classic literature story, that has exciting nooks and crannies and stunning water features, we felt this was the ideal environment for children to unleash their imaginations and learn through exploration and play. Not to mention the fresh air to tire them out!

Clair Way

Clair Way

Little Dots Day-care is a day care nursery and preschool education establishment based in Witney, Oxfordshire. It was established in 2012 by sisters Clair Way and Lynsey Morris. Clair and Lynsey are equally passionate about little people developing into confident, happy and inquisitive Juniors.

Clair has over 25 years’ experience of childcare in a professional capacity, this coupled with Lynsey’s own childcare experience and management expertise makes them the perfect team.

Both Lynsey and Clair are hugely passionate about operating a high quality nursery where parents can be assured that their children are receiving the best education and care.

From young babies to toddlers and preschool infants, environments are created that are relevant to each age and educational stage. For Clair and Lynsey, being a part of your child’s learning journey and welfare is paramount.

Lynsey Morris

At the age of 18 Lynsey moved to New Jersey to become a Nanny for 2 young children for a year. Her career then developed into sales management before having her son in 2008, when she returned to Oxfordshire. Lynsey was made redundant so decided to become a full time mum.

Lynsey believes that her management experience and Clair’s child care knowledge makes them the perfect team for creating a new and exciting childcare facility for the town of Witney.

In 2015 Lynsey welcomed her second child into her family, who attended LittleDots right from the baby room until leaving pre-school to start school.

Lynsey is also one of our SENCO at both settings.

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